Getting the all important VPlus graduation certificate on Graduation Day

We all deserve to live with dignity and respect


This is a major ETC of PWD project in Gulu, Northern Uganda, based at Gulu Disabled Persons Union (GDPU). V is for Vocational Training and ‘Plus’ showing how extra elements make the training successful.

VPlus@GDPU, the basics:

The programme began, with ETC of PWD funding, in late 2020. UK Aid match funding started in January 2021 and will end in March 2023. Private donations have been invaluable throughout and vital for keeping VPlus going through pandemics, lockdowns and rampant inflation. Some figures:

VPlus trained 117 young people with disabilities (and one able bodied trainee)

At a cost approximately £500 per trainee:

£350 for the initial six months training,

£150 for continuing support. Cohort 2 finish their formal Post Training Support programme in February 2023.

To date, 58% of all VPlus graduates have some form of employment and earn a monthly income; we expect to increase that proportion significantly in the future.

VPlus Guidance Counsellor, Okello Emma on a Post Training Support visit

What next for ETC and Vplus?

GDPU will continue to run vocational training programmes, which ETC will support where we can.

The main focus of our work with GDPU will be continued support for the 118 VPlus graduates as they find their way in the world. Sustainable success for people with disability is a very long term process and demands a long term support programme. We have all got this far, we must keep going.

The continuing ETC of PWD programme will be funded by ETC trustees, private donations and any other money we can find. Future UK Aid has of course, finished, sadly.

VPlus programme manager discussing a Revolving Loan Application with graduates

With your help we can help GDPU support these young people to become successful and respected

£40 pays for for a day’s further training for 8 Design and Development graduates and their families

£70 pays for further training on marketing skills and financial literacy for all graduates

£100 pays for six months travel and subsistence costs for two instructors to visit and support VPlus graduates at their new places of work

How to Donate:

How to Donate:

If you would like to make a substantial or regular donation please contact the Chairman of ETC of PWD at: who will arrange it for you.

Donations through this site

There are buttons below for suggested single donations of £10, £20 or £30.00. Or you may wish to add a multiple donation of one amount.

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Many, many thanks.

Mark White

Chair of ETC of PWD

Remember to keep in touch by reading the newsletter, so that you can see the growing success of VPlus graduates.

A Design and Decoration Vplus graduate with VPlus Programme manager, Musema Faruk

Most of our trainees have had no education, they need much more than vocational skills training.

• £30 pays for further literacy, numeracy and record keeping training for 6 graduates in Gulu city for 3 months


Most of our trainees have had no education, they need much more than vocational skills training.

• £20 pays for apprenticeship support from November to March for 2 tailoring graduates in more remote rural areas


Most of our trainees have had no education, they need much more than vocational skills training.

• £10 pays for a support visit and one training session for 2 electronic graduates


The VPlus programme was match funded with UK aid from the British people’