VPlus@GDPU, – V is for Vocational Training and ‘plus’ showing the extra elements that make training successful. Vplus will give youth with disabilities in Gulu, Northern Uganda and surrounding districts, suitable market relevant skills. It is of course, delivered by our long term partners: Gulu Disabled Persons Union.

100 young people with disabilities will be trained at GDPU in total; 50 per cohort. Each cohort will have a six months training programme, followed by six months post training support. ETC of PWD (Enhancing the Capacity of People with Disability, our UK based charity that has worked with GDPU for some time) funded the start of the programme. From January 15 2021, the programme was match funded by UK Aid through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, see this press briefing for full details of that arrangement. This project has been awarded the grant from UK Aid Direct under the FCDO’s Small Charities Challenge Fund (SCCF). Their fund supports civil society organisations to achieve sustained poverty reduction. VPlus@GPDU is now a project funded by UK aid from the British people as well as all the generous donors to ETC of PWD.  

Student Orientation at the start of the VPlus Programme

Most of the new programme was worked out during the ETC of PWD trustees visit in February 2020:

  • The courses will be market driven, the training should be as flexible as possible.
  • The numbers are low to allow as one to one contact.
  • Psycho social support and sport/ physical literacy will be heavily involved at all stages.
  • Literacy, numeracy and financial training must be more than an add on.
  • Post Training Support will be carefully managed, its where many vocational training courses collapse.

The courses on offer:

Motorbike repair and maintenance (including basic welding skills)

Sweater weaving and basic machine sewing (including repair and maintenance)

Design and Decoration computer course

Electronic repair, including phones and small electronic items

Hairdressing, including Salon.

For up to date details as the project progresses, please see the Project News Blog here

If you would like to make a donation, please go to the Donations page

Staff meeting on the first day of the VPlus programme

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