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‘Enhancing the Capacity at Gulu Disabled Persons Union’ (ETC@GDPU) was the programme from which the ETC of PWD charity grew. They are still our partner in that continuing project. Please read GDPU’s description of themselves, their history, and their aims.


Who are GDPU?

Gulu Disabled Persons Union (GDPU) was formed to create a unified voice advocating equal opportunities for the disabled and for their participation in policy making and implementation of programmes that target people with disabilities: ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’

GDPU is an umbrella organisation founded by and for People with Disabilities in the Gulu district. It started as a loose group of people with disabilities seeking relief services as a result of 1979 war that liberated Ugandans from the dictatorial leadership of president Idi Amin Dada.

It later became a cooperative society and eventually registered with the local government of the then Gulu district that now includes Nwoya and Amuru Districts as a community based Organisation in 1992.

In 2008, GDPU Registered as a limited company, without share capital and completed the registration process with the Ministry of Internal affairs as a Non Governmental Organisation ( NGO).


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GDPU Offices

GDPU vision;

Works for and looks forward to a society in Gulu District where every Person with Disability lives a dignified life

 GDPU Mission

To empower Persons with Disabilities to live dignified lives


  • To build the capacity of members groups to deliver effective and efficient support to their beneficiaries
  • To strengthen members participation in local governance
  • Economic empowerment supported.
  • GDPU advocacy plan produced and implemented.
  • Educate youth with disabilities on employable livelihood skill.

What does GDPU do?

  • Gulu Disabled Persons Union promotes, develops and empowers people with disabilities: culturally; economically and socially.
  • GDPU is an affiliated member of National Union of Disabled Person of Uganda (NUDIPU). GDPU brings together all persons with disability such as the Blind, Deaf, Handicapped and Physically Disabled persons.
  • GDPU works with both Government and NGOs to influence the provision of services to people with disabilities.
  • GDPU worked with Voluntary Service Overseas on the Youth Development Programme (YDP) from 2014 through to the end of the YDP in 2016
Youth Development Programme staff and students at Gulu Dsabled Persons Union
Youth Development Programme staff and students at Gulu Disabled Persons Union

Persons with Disability in Gulu

Prejudice and ignorance amongst families and the general population means that in the past PWD were hidden by their families. The 2014 Ugandan census registered that 53,791 people in Gulu district had some form of disability, as opposed to 354,966 who did not, some 13.1% of the local population as opposed to 12.5% nationally. Those with disability have lower levels of literacy and income than the general population. This project (ETC at GDPU) therefore aims to focus on those with disability, so that in a small way and with a very small project some of the additional challenges that PWD face can be removed.

GDPU Offices

Persons with Disability and ‘Development’:

PWD (Persons with Disability) are also more likely to be excluded from development initiatives, resources and access to information than any other group in society. Some of the causes are: lack of mobility – not being able to get to where a consultation meeting or event is taking place; limited access to translators and interpreters especially for in deaf or blind people. PWDs are often denied their human, social and economic rights. These factors contribute to high levels of vulnerability and exclusion (DFID, 2004)

Who will be working on this project (ECT at GDPU)?

Ojok Patrick, Programme Coordinator GDPU

Project Leader: Ojok Patrick

Project Officer: Faruk Musema

Faruk Musema
Faruk Musema (Livelihoods Coordinator GDPU)
Tam Anyim in Paicho with Emma Okello
Tam Anyim group in Paicho with Emma Okello (GDPU Project Officer), training on a grass slasher

Temporary Project Officer for Phase Three: Okello Emma


GDPU Contacts

Address: P.O. Box 549, Gulu, Uganda
Phone: +256 – 0774351122

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