Camera 360
Carrying out the pilot assessment, May 2017

2 June 2017

The ETC @ GDPU Project Leader and Project Officer have been out and about in Gulu Town and district, visiting the nine functioning business groups set up by the students with disabilities who were trained at Gulu Disabled Persons Union.

Camera 360
Phone mending kit in the Electronics Shop, May 2017

ETC @ GDPU are choosing three groups to best suit the pilot phase of the project.

Camera 360
Ex YDP GDPU Sweater Weaving student at work 2017

As the Project Officer said:

“Greetings from GDPU we are all doing fine, only just busy working on the findings and report for the first assessment done so far. It was really great to find these beneficiaries still working, compared to other youth enterprises set up by other VTIs [ie the other Vocational Training Institutes that trained students without disabilities under the same scheme]. The report will tell more on what they’re doing, their level of diversification, challenges and needs of support to improve the capacity and build their businesses and then we agree on whom we can work with, as almost all of them are vulnerable.”

‘All pushing on well’, as they say in Gulu.

Camera 360
Ex YDP/ GDPU students outside their electronics shop in Gulu, 2017


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