This video was made by Musema Faruk, the Head Teacher at Gulu Disabled Persons Union and the VPlus Programme Manager. It features trainees from Cohort 2 of the programme and is introduced by the Head Boy, Watmond Emmanuel. The song was written by Odong Sunday, a Sweater Weaver from Odek Sub County. Many of the scenes are from the wonderful Graduation Day, described in a previous post.

Wan Weng Dano: a song by VPlus Cohort 2 trainees at GDPU

This is Faruk’s explanation of the song:

Title: Wan weng dano (English: we are all human beings) 

“This a motivational song encouraging the disability community, especially the youth, not to pity themselves. It encourages their parents, and those who still have negative attitude towards the ability of persons with disability, to change the way they look at them and to support their children in getting education.

The song also talks about the impact of education on youth with disabilities, especially the skills training they are undergoing through the Vplus programme. They stress through the song that a skill will help them become self-employed or even employed. They encourage other youth with disabilities at home not to look at their disability as a disadvantage, but as an opportunity for diversity and development.” 

Running to get the Skills Training graduation certificate

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Many Thanks.

This project is match funded with UK aid from the British people’

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